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Wedding Dress Alterations

Professional Alteration Services in Batesville, AR

With Jill's Alterations in Batesville, AR, there's nothing Jill can't fix or mend.

  • Does your coat's zipper need a new pull? She can do it!
  • Want to add a patch to your favorite pair of jeans? Sure can!
  • What about adding a lace-up panel in the back of your wedding dress? No problem!

With more than 10 years experience with need in-hand, Jill has worked on a variety of garments, including bridal wear, formal wear, casual clothing, winter coats and more. She has mended holes, added buttons, removed darts and more in order to ensure the perfect fit for her clients. 

Depending upon the project and the number of layers involved, Jill can finish it from 2-3 days to a couple of weeks. Serving surrounding areas of Batesville within 50 miles, including Cave City, AR, Southside, AR, Concord, AR, Pleasant Plain, AR, Mount Pleasant, AR, leave it to Jill to alter and repair your clothing quickly!

So what are you waiting for?

Don't throw out your favorite garment. Bring it to Jill's Alterations in Batesville, AR today!